Welcome to Primary 5 and 6! 

Mr Johnston is our teacher.  
Mrs Farrell is our classroom assistant. 
Here is a 'flavour' of what we've have been learning lately... 
Term Two Topic - It's A Disaster! 
Our class has been exploring manmade and natural disasters as part of our connective learning topic in the Spring term. 
Try out these links below for some more info! 
Violent Volcanoes! 
We explored a variety of ways to control and apply paint on the page to create exploding volcanoes. We blew through straws to make paint flow, dragged string covered in paint and even used toothbrushes to flick paint creating a 'splash' effect! At the same time blending fiery shades of red, ornage and yellow. 
3D Volcano Models 
We spend a series of art sessions designing our very own 3D volcanoes. We used newspaper balls and masking tape to create the shape first of all. The second stage was carefully layering this in mod-roc. When it was dry, we painted the 'igneous' rocks in their natural shades and added a touch of lava for effect! 
Outdoor Reading! 
We took advantage of the recent arrival of Spring by getting comfortable in our outdoor reading retreat.  
We had the warm sunshine on our backs and fresh air in our lungs as well as a few feathered friends singing happily nearby! 
Angles and Compass Directions 
We have been recently putting our sense of direction to the test by finding where North really is and creating our own compasses to work out other directions. 
Some of us have also been classifying and comparing different types of angles. 

Term One Topic - Raiders of the Lost Tomb 
Check out the following links for some information on our topic: 

Here are some of the sub-topics we focused on... (click for more information)  

Exploring Egyptian Artefacts 

We have been learning how to think like archaeologists as we examined artefacts and items from the past. We searched for clues and discussed what they might have been used for and if there is anything similar still in use today. 

Shifting Shapes 
We have been exploring and investigating the properties of many different 2D shapes and making observations about their SIDES, ANGLES and SYMMETRY or as we like to call it their SAS! 
We used Venn Diagrams and some of us classified 2D shapes according to 2 criteria: regular shapes against having a right angle. Check out our investigations below! 

Some of us have been investiagting the properties 3D shapes and classifying them going by their ability to be stacked or rolled. 
We also 'opened up' these 3D shapes to find nets (or plans) made up of various 2D shapes. Interesting stuff! 

Making Papyrus! 

Our topic 'Raiders of the Lost Tomb' has given us the opportunity to explore the process of making Papyrus and we had a go at making our own. Since we're an Eco Green Flag School we Reused brown chip bags from our local chippy in Clogher 'The Country Chip.' Many thanks to the staff for supplying us with these.  
Since we're an Eco Green Flag School we Reused brown chip bags from our local chippy 'The Country Chip' in Clogher. Many thanks to the staff for supplying us with these :-)  
When the Papyrus was dry, we created our own hieroglyphoic designs on them. Can you decode our messages? 
Mathletics Magic! 
We have been enjoying our new approach to learning Numeracy by using Mathletics on the computers and iPads. As well as supporting the topics we have been studying in class, we have particularly enjoyed competing head-to-head in Mental Maths against each other and even other children around the world! 

Problem-Solving with 2D Shape 

We have been sharpening our skills in problem-solving through the area of 'Shape and Space' as well as ourability to work as a team. We created some everyday objects using various 2D shape pieces along with a lot of talking and listening, trying different approaches and A LOT of patience! WE managed to solve quite a few and when we did, we felt like celebrating, before moving onto another!! See how we got on below... 
Some were more challenging than others, but between us all we solved the whole lot. Take a bow P5 and P6! 

TESCO... Explore the Store! 

Our class recently got the VIP treatment by having opportunity to explore all the departments inside Tesco, Enniskillen. We researched where various foods come from around the world and even got to sample some goods... we're delighted to say they passed our seal of approval! Thank you to Martine and the team for hosting us. 

Dividing with Numicon 

We enjoy using Numicon to help concrete learning. P6 explored how to use it to divide and leave remainders which has been very useful in developing our mental maths. We set out the numbers that were be divided and then set the lots of pieces of the number we were dividing by to see how many groups could be made and, as a result, could work out the remainder.  

Water Workshop 

We were delighted when Pat from the Waterbus came back to visit our class and P7 to help us learn more about the benefits of drinking water and the positive effect it has on our bodies. We also learnt how to make good choices on what we drink and how this can help our brains to be at their healthiest! 

Place Value with Numicon 

We have been developing our understanding of place value and our number system using practical resources. It is easier to understand and work with numbers when we can touch them, move them and see them! 

The Waterbus Arrives! 

We teamed up with P7 to jump aboard the Water Bus from NI Wate. Pat and the team helped us learn more about how water is collected, treated and how we can use it to keep ourselves healthy.  


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